A More Affordable Minnesota

Senate Republicans in the legislature are working to return the state's budget surplus to taxpayers, and pass permanent income tax relief for families of low and middle incomes, including tax credits for parents.

The Peaceful Retirement You’ve Earned

Seniors worked hard their entire lives so they could retire in peace. That’s why conservative leaders want to eliminate the burdensome tax on seniors’ social security.

Safer Communities & Stronger Police

Republican leaders have a plan to hold county attorneys accountable, establish mandatory minimums for violent offenders, and increase police recruitment through supportive grants.

Reverse Minnesota's Declining Reading and Math Scores

Minnesota’s third grade reading proficiency has been flat or declined every year since 2013. Currently, only about one-half of students are reading at grade level. Further, the average eighth-grade math scores saw one of the largest point declines in the country in 2022, and the worst average score for Minnesota in more than three decades. Senate Republicans are focused on reversing this trend through increased training and removing burdensome mandates.

Minnesota officials forecast a $17.6 billion budget surplus

Minnesota math and reading test scores hit lowest marks in decades