COVID-19 Aid for Local Communities

The Minnesota Senate approved a compromise bill to help distribute federal COVID-19 assistance provided to help local governments. The critical funding can be used to pay costs borne by local governments to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, such as public health, staff overtime and economic assistance like small business loans and rental assistance.1

Reduced Costs for Life-Saving Medications

Senate Republicans passed legislation requiring insulin manufacturers to provide a 30-day supply of insulin for free to individuals in urgent need but struggling to afford the life-saving drug.2

Lower Health Insurance Premiums

Thanks to smart, conservative leadership, our health insurance premiums were cut by 20%.3

Tax Cuts for Our Middle Class

Residents and families of Minnesota’s middle class will soon feel the relief of recently-passed tax cuts.4

Stopped a Massive Gas Tax Increase

Despite attempts to hike our gas tax by 20 cents per gallon, the Senate Republicans have said no and protected our wallets at the pump.5

Lower Taxes on Social Security Benefits

Republicans supported lowering taxes on seniors' social security checks.6

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